This Is Why You Need to Visit the Big Bear Lake Alpine Slide

This Is Why You Need to Visit the Big Bear Lake Alpine Slide

When you’re on vacation, you’ll want to experience things you don’t get the chance to back home. Whether it’s spending every second outdoors or seeking some thrills, a break from everyday life awaits in Big Bear, California! If you’re looking to do something out of the ordinary, we have just the thing for you. Speed down a mountain on a Big Bear Lake alpine slide!

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What Is an Alpine Slide?

An alpine slide is a long chute that goes down the side of a hill. It is very similar to a bobsled experience. However, it can be used in warm weather. A wheeled cart carries one to two passengers down the hill for a thrilling experience!


Where Is the Big Bear Lake Alpine Slide?

The Big Bear Lake alpine slide is located at the Magic Mountain Recreation Area. No matter what time of year you visit, you’ll want to enjoy the activities this company offers! Seek some thrills on their famous alpine slide year round, enjoy go-karting and golf in the summer, and snow tubing in the winter!
Going on the Big Bear Lake Alpine Slide


Going Up

Your Big Bear Lake alpine slide journey will begin with a chairlift ride. You’ll be taken up to the top of the mountain as you enjoy the breathtaking scenery around you! Take a moment to appreciate the expansive greenery and lake views.


Ready to Speed!

Once you have made it up the hill, it’s time to speed down it! Sleds can fit one or two people. Children that are aged 2-6 have to ride with an adult, but otherwise, they can ride on their own! Keep in mind that you control your own sled, meaning that you control your own experience. There are breaks to make sure you don’t go too fast, so you can choose the speed you want to go!

Where to Stay in Big Bear

The most important part of vacation planning is where you stay. We make Big Bear vacation planning easy with our cozy cabins! Located all across Big Bear, our properties will be your home away from home during your getaway. Imagine coming back from a day of fun to cook dinner with the family in your full kitchen. The kids will love playing outside at our lakefront homes and the excellent views! Browse our rentals to start planning your trip. BOOK A CABIN HERE!


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