Here Is One of the Best Personal Chefs in Big Bear

graphic with text "big bear lake vacation guide"The whole point of a vacation is to relax and take a break from your typical routine, right? Usually, when you prepare for a vacation, picking where to stay, how you’ll get there, and planning what you’ll do are the main things you focus on. You might even pick out some restaurants you’d like to go to beforehand, but what about when you don’t want to go out? The Big Bear personal chef Allan Arkin has the solution!

A Gourmet Personal Chef

Without the aid of a personal chef, you’ll have to cook your own meals, which means you’ll have to go to the grocery store, prepare your meal, and then clean everything up afterward. This sounds a lot like the typical routine you are trying to get a break from, right? That’s where Allan Arkin comes in.

You can relax and enjoy a gourmet meal without even having to leave your cabin! Chef Allan Arkin will carefully plan and prepare every aspect of an exquisite feast, including clean up, so you can enjoy your vacation to its fullest. A stress-free gourmet meal is just a phone call away!

Chef Allan can prepare dishes for just about any occasion that you could envision. From intimate or family dinner parties to wedding dinners, holiday parties, special events, and more, A Gourmet Chef will craft the perfect cuisine for your occasion.

About Chef Allan

You can expect a level of professionalism and food quality from Chef Allan that shows you the difference between a chef and a cook. He plans thoroughly so that the experience will run as smoothly as possible, but he is also a fantastic improviser if needed. The food itself is incredible, and he respects your privacy—an important feature, considering he will be coming to where you are staying!

At the same time, Chef Allan is charismatic and down-to-earth, ensuring that you will have a pleasant experience interacting with him. It’s the best of both worlds!

On the Menu

On A Gourmet Chef’s website, you’ll find a variety of menus. These range from meal types like appetizers, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as well as different types of cuisine. This includes options like seafood, poultry, pasta, lamb, even bacon-lovers and beer-lovers delight menus.

Do you have picky eaters or children with you? Perhaps some members of your group are vegetarian or vegan, or you’re looking to enjoy a holiday meal, whether a hearty Thanksgiving feast or a romantic Valentines Day dinner. A Gourmet Chef features delicious customized menus for each of these situations.

If there’s a menu that you have in mind or if you or someone in your group have specific dietary needs, Chef Allan is more than happy to work with you and design a custom menu. He can also accommodate unique time schedules and special circumstances.

To reserve A Gourmet Chef’s services, give Chef Allan a call at 909-827-4558, or send an email to

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