Here’s How to Have a Fun Day at Pine Knot Marina

Lakes can provide a soothing experience by sight alone. There’s no doubt that lounging by Big Bear and listening to the water lap on the shore is worthwhile. However, activities such as boating and fishing can certainly enhance a lake experience. Big Bear Lake has marinas aplenty that offer several different ways to enjoy this snow-fed reservoir. Of the many, Pine Knot Marina is the place to go on a sunny day in Big Bear.  

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Visit Pine Knot Marina

At Pine Knot Marina, you have a slew of options to choose from, and it all depends on the kind of experience you want. If you’d like to relax and take it easy, consider riding on a tour boat around the lake. If your goal is to get your heart racing, go parasailing or rent a Jet Ski. Keep reading for a list of what Pine Knot Marina has to offer!

Tour Big Bear Lake on a Paddlewheel Boat

Miss Liberty is a one-of-a-kind boat that takes you on a 90-minute guided tour of the magnificent waters of Big Bear Lake. Along the way, you’ll learn about the history of Big Bear Lake. You’ll also learn fun facts about Big Bear, local folklore, and hear of celebrity sightings. Miss Liberty is equipped with a shaded upper deck and a fully enclosed, heated main salon, making a boat tour of Big Bear Lake possible in all kinds of weather. If you work up an appetite or a thirst during the tour, grab a snack or a drink from the galley.

Boat Rentals

If you’d rather drive the boat yourself, there are boat rentals available through Pine Knot Marina. Choose from 22 to 25 feet and high output boats for anywhere from one to eight hours. This way, you can explore Big Bear at your own pace.

Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

If you’d like to get a little exercise while you cruise around Big Bear, rent a kayak or a paddleboard. Dip your paddle into the calm waters and propel yourself forward. Being physically nearer to the lake can give you a different kind of experience. Perhaps this way, you’ll feel a more intimate connection to nature since there won’t be much separating you from Big Bear.


Ride along with a licensed guide and spend the day fishing off a 24-foot pontoon. The fishing boat here at Pine Knot Marina is the only one on Big Bear to boast an 18-foot roof and full enclosure that protects you from the elements. Any boat user can get a guide-certified troll set up, too, if you’d rather fish from your own vessel.  


Have you ever wanted to fly? You’ll feel like you are when you go parasailing over Big Bear. The spectacular views you’ll get when you’re hundreds of feet in the air are unmatched. Feel the wind as you take an exhilarating trip high above the water.

Jet Ski

Speed along the top of the lake while shooting up a cooling spray when you rent a Jet Ski. Yamaha Wave-Runners are available through Pine Knot Marina by the half hour or hour. If you’ve never ridden on a Jet Ski before, don’t worry—you’ll get instructions on how to operate them.

Unwind With Big Bear Lakefront Cabins

After a long, fun day at the lake, come back and relax in a beautiful cabin. You can stay right on the lake or farther away if you’d rather be closer to the San Bernardino Mountains. Regardless of where you stay, when you choose to vacation with Big Bear Lakefront Cabins, you can rest assured that you will be staying in a luxurious property with choice amenities like spacious kitchens and hot tubs.  

We have several other cabin rentals available, so if this property isn’t perfect for you, browse all our cabins—we’re sure to have another that will be. Book your stay in beautiful Big Bear today!