Romance in the Pines: A Couples’ Big Bear Escape

Embark on an enchanting journey to Big Bear and find romance in the pines! Big Bear is a sanctuary nestled in nature, offering couples a romantic escape throughout the year. Whether your hearts desire a summer filled with warm breezes or a winter adorned in snow, Big Bear promises a canvas for romance. In this guide, we unravel the best activities tailored for couples, each season bringing its unique charm, and we delve into the intimate allure of staying in a secluded cabin, setting the stage for a truly magical retreat.

Winter Wonderland Romance in the Pines:

Skiing under the Stars:
Embrace the enchanting winter nights with a memorable session of night skiing at Snow Summit. Glide down snow-lit slopes hand in hand, creating a magical and intimate experience under the winter moonlight.

Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride:
Write your own fairy tale with a horse-drawn carriage ride through the snow-covered landscapes. Wrapped in blankets, let the rhythmic jingle of sleigh bells serenade you both as you embark on a romantic journey through the winter wonderland.

Fireside Dining at The Peppercorn Grille:
Stoke the flames of romance with a fireside dinner at The Peppercorn Grille. The crackling warmth of the fireplace coupled with delectable cuisine sets the perfect stage for an intimate evening, sheltered from the winter chill.

Stargazing from Your Private Hot Tub at your Cabin:
Return to the cozy embrace of your cabin and indulge in a night of stargazing while relaxing in your private hot tub. The clear winter skies in Big Bear offer a celestial display, and from the comfort of your cabin, you and your loved one can share moments of awe under a blanket of stars.

Why Stay in a Romantic Cabin:

Secluded Intimacy:
Choosing a cabin ensures a level of seclusion and intimacy that adds an extra layer of magic to your romantic getaway. Surrounded by towering pines, the cabin becomes your private retreat, allowing you and your partner to escape into your own world.

Private Hot Tubs and Fireplaces:
Many cabins in Big Bear offer the luxury of private hot tubs and fireplaces. Imagine soaking in a bubbling hot tub together under the starlit sky or snuggling up by the fireplace with a glass of wine, creating moments of unparalleled romantic relaxation.

Breathtaking Views:
Strategically positioned, cabins offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains or the serene Big Bear Lake. Whether waking up to snow-covered landscapes in winter or lush greenery in summer, the view becomes a backdrop for the romantic atmosphere of your cabin retreat.

Cozy Ambiance and Full Kitchens:
Experience the charm of a cabin’s cozy ambiance, where rustic meets luxury. The warmth and inviting atmosphere create a perfect setting for romantic moments. Additionally, having a full kitchen allows you to savor intimate meals together without the need to venture far, adding a touch of homely comfort to your romantic escape.


What could be more appealing than a romance in the pines for a romantic getaway for two in Big Bear this Valentine’s Day?

Every year, couples escape to our little mountain town to enjoy the peace of nature and a variety of activities. Here are our tips on how to plan an enchanting weekend today:

1. Big Bear Experiences & Gifts For Your Valentine

2. Big Bear Activities for Valentines Day

  • Speed down the snowy slopes at one of Big Bear’s snow tube hills.
  • If conditions allow, explore the winter forest on snowshoes.
  • Take an easy stroll through The Village while you solve your way through a scavenger hunt.
  • Stop into Barrel 33 for wine tasting, small bites, and a bit of live music.

3. A Valentine’s Dinner For Two

4. Free Activities to Enjoy

  • Take a winter hike! Bring a thermos of cocoa (bonus points for heart-shaped marshmallows) for your wintery adventure.
  • Take photos from Big Bear’s most picturesque spots, along the shoreline and the trails.
  • Big Bear is an ideal destination for stargazing being away from big city lights and traffic. Just bundle up after dark!
  • The Big Bear Discovery Center offers free nature hikes each weekend.

In conclusion, romance in the pines can be found adorned in the snowy embrace of winter, Big Bear unfolds as a canvas for romantic escapades. Staying in a cabin elevates the intimacy of your retreat, creating a private haven for shared moments. Let the seasons of Big Bear be the backdrop for your love story, as you embrace the allure of each moment, each activity, and each other in this enchanting mountain getaway.

3-Day Romance in the Pines Itinerary

This 3-day guide Romance in the Pines guide provide couples with a perfect blend of outdoor adventures, relaxation, and romantic dining experiences.

Enjoy the seasonal delights of Big Bear with your partner, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Day 1: Snowy Adventures and Fireside Comfort

Morning: Breakfast at Country Kitchen:

Begin your winter escape with a warm breakfast at Country Kitchen. The hearty dishes provide the perfect start to a day filled with snowy adventures.

Late Morning: Skiing at Snow Summit:

Embrace the winter magic with a day of skiing at Snow Summit. The snow-covered slopes offer a romantic setting for couples to enjoy this classic winter activity together.

Lunch: Lunch at Summit Smokehouse:

Refuel with a hearty lunch at Summit Smokehouse, conveniently located on the mountain. Savor barbecue favorites while surrounded by the snowy landscape.

Afternoon: Apres-Ski Relaxation at Your Cabin:

Unwind in the warmth of your cabin’s fireplace. Share stories of your skiing adventures and enjoy quality time in a cozy setting.

Dinner: Dinner at Saucy Mama’s Pizzeria:

For a casual and satisfying dinner, head to Saucy Mama’s. Their diverse pizza options and relaxed atmosphere make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Day 2: Snowshoeing and Fireside Dining

Morning: Breakfast at Thelma’s Family Restaurant:

Fuel up with a hearty breakfast at Thelma’s. The family-friendly atmosphere and delicious menu set the stage for a day of winter exploration.

Late Morning: Snowshoeing Adventure:

Experience the serene beauty of winter with a guided snowshoeing tour. Traverse the snow-covered landscapes hand in hand, creating romantic memories together.

Lunch: Lunch at Nottinghams Tavern:

Head to Nottinghams Tavern for a satisfying lunch. The cozy pub atmosphere and diverse menu make it a great choice for a post-snowshoeing meal.

Afternoon: Sledding at Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain:

Enjoy an afternoon of thrilling sledding and tubing at Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain. Laugh and bond as you slide down the snowy slopes together.

Dinner: Fireside Dining at Peppercorn Grille:

Conclude your day with a fireside dinner at Peppercorn Grille. The warm ambiance and delectable cuisine create a perfect setting for a romantic winter evening.

Day 3: Nature Walks and Stargazing

Morning: Breakfast at Oakside Restaurant & Bar:

Start your day with a leisurely breakfast at Oakside. The diverse menu and scenic views provide a delightful beginning to your final day in Big Bear.

Late Morning: Nature Walk at Juniper Point:

Take a romantic nature walk at Juniper Point. The crisp winter air and snow-covered landscapes offer a picturesque backdrop for your morning stroll.

Lunch: Lunch at Stillwells Restaurant:

Head to Stillwells Restaurant for a cozy lunch. Known for its comfort food and welcoming ambiance, it’s the perfect place to relax after your morning nature walk.

Afternoon: Explore the Big Bear Alpine Zoo:

Discover the unique wildlife of the region at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo. It’s an educational and family-friendly attraction that adds a touch of wildlife to your winter retreat.

Dinner: Sunset Dinner at The Himalayan Restaurant:

Conclude your winter getaway with a delightful dinner at The Himalayan Restaurant. Enjoy a diverse menu of Himalayan and Indian cuisine in a warm and inviting setting.

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