Cast a Line for the Best Trout Fishing at Big Bear Lake

Big Bear, California, is filled with countless outdoor activities. Whether you’re looking for an adventure in the forest or relaxation out on the water, you’ll find plenty of things to do during your stay at a Big Bear Lakefront Cabin. One of our favorite ways to spend time outdoors is trout fishing at Big Bear Lake. There’s nothing like casting a line as a light breeze cools you down from the warm sun!

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About Trout Fishing at Big Bear Lake

The most popular species of fish found in Big Bear Lake is rainbow trout, although many others can be caught in our waters. Because of the deep areas in the lake, the trout are able to thrive even in the summer heat. This means that if you want to go trout fishing at Big Bear Lake during the hot summer months, you should head to the deeper waters to cast your line. We recommend trying out the west end when it’s hot!

Tricks and Tips for Catching Trout

If you’re going trout fishing at Big Bear Lake, you can fish from a boat or the shore. As mentioned above, you will have the most luck during the summer out in the deepest part of the lake, but kids always have fun fishing from the dock! If you’re out on a boat, you should start by trolling leadcore lines at at least 3 colors. If you’re on the shore, try fishing near Big Bear Dam with slip bobbers and a little power bait for extra help.

Fishing Gear

Big Bear has all the fishing gear you need! Bring your own or pick some up from a nearby store. Many of the marinas and boat rentals have tackle shops on site you can visit if you need bait and tackle. Sometimes these companies, such as Big Bear Marina, will even offer chartered fishing excursions! They will provide you with everything you need for the trip, then bring you to the best spots to cast your line. Fishing licenses are required for those over 16 years of age but can be easily purchased at many of the marinas.

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Whether you are planning a fishing trip with the guys or just want to take your family for a little trout fishing at Big Bear Lake, we have the perfect accommodations for you. Our cozy cabins range in size and location, so it’s easy to find the right fit. If you think you’d like to try casting from the shore, consider a lakefront cabin with its own dock. No matter what rental you choose, we know it will help you make memories that will last a lifetime! Don’t forget to check our specials page to see what we’re offering, then book your stay. We look forward to seeing you!