Ardent Oso Chocolate Tasting in Big Bear – SAVE 10%

Are you ready to embark on a chocolate tasting journey in Big Bear of decadent flavors and exquisite chocolate creations? Look no further than Ardent Oso Chocolate Experiences & Education, your premier destination for chocolate tasting adventures in Big Bear and beyond.

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Unforgettable Chocolate Experiences

Ardent Oso Chocolate offers a diverse range of chocolate-related tasting experiences and services throughout Southern California. Whether you’re hosting a large private event, craving a selection of single-origin tastings, or seeking comprehensive farm-to-bar education, they have something for everyone. Explore the world of chocolate through their hands-on chocolate-making classes, or indulge in bean-to-bar craft chocolate consulting sessions.

Tailored to Your Event Needs

Based in Big Bear, Ardent Oso Chocolate serves most of California, bringing chocolate expertise directly to you. They specialize in private group tastings of all sizes, corporate events, weddings, holiday parties, and private residential gatherings, ensuring customization to make your event spectacular. Their goal is to create an unparalleled, memorable, and dynamic chocolate tasting experience that exceeds your expectations. This is a great addition to your adventures and gatherings, enhancing your experiences with a unique and delicious twist. Whether it’s for a holiday party or a special event, Ardent Oso Chocolate could bring that extra touch of sophistication and enjoyment.

Meet Ryan: Your Chocolate Master

Led by Ryan, an expert chocolate maker with a wealth of experience in the industry since 2013! Ardent Oso Chocolate offers a level of expertise and passion that is unmatched. With Ryan at the helm, you’ll embark on a chocolate journey like no other. Discover the nuances of flavor, texture, and aroma that make each chocolate creation unique.


What People Are Saying

“The best Chocolate Master! Amazing display and fully educated in the art of chocolate. Enjoyed having them as part of our event.”

— Ayla Events

“Ryan was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic with his passion for the art of chocolate! We were very impressed with the tasting class and his wealth of information. We were thankful he made it very easy to understand! The wonderful experience learning about and tasting new types of chocolate!”

— Carl M.

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