Everything You Need to Know about Big Bear Lake Fishing

Big Bear, California, is known for our perfect summer temperatures and our fantastic array of outdoor activities. One of our favorite local attractions is our fishing. Big Bear Lake is home to several different species of fish, including rainbow trout, carp, crayfish and more. Because the temperatures here never get too hot, our fish stay active even in the warmest part of the summer. It’s a great place for both experienced anglers and brand new fishermen to relax and have fun. Experience Big Bear Lake fishing for yourself!

Big Bear Lake has so much more to offer, so we compiled a list of our favorite things to do here. Be sure to download a copy of our completely free Vacation Guide for some great suggestions on what to see, places to eat, and other activities to do in our beautiful part of California like Big Bear Lake Fishing.

What You Need to Know about Big Bear Lake Fishing

Big Bear Lake Fishing is the perfect activity to relax and enjoy our beautiful part of California!

1. Begin with a Big Bear Lake fishing license.

Before you cast into the water, make sure you’ve got your fishing license all ready to go. This is even easier now thanks to the California Department of Fish and Game’s online system. With this system, you can have your license already taken care of before your getaway even begins.

2. Understand the Big Bear Lake fishing limits.

Big Bear Lake is fairly easy on the rules, but there are a few fishing rules to keep in mind. For crayfish, there is no limit on size or number. You can also catch them however you’d like; choose to by hand, net, hook and line, or traps. For trout, there is no size limit, but you can only catch a maximum of 5. For carp, there is no limit on size or amount. Carp is the only species you can also use a bow and arrow to fish with, as long as the arrow is tethered to the bow. There are several different species of catfish; there is no limit on size, but you are only allowed to catch a maximum of 10 per day. For the black bass species, you must have a minimum size of twelve inches and you can only catch 5 per day. For all of the panfish species, there is no size limit and you are allowed to catch up to 25.

3. Check out the Big Bear Lake boat rentals.

Big Bear Marina has a great variety of boats available for rent, whether you’re looking for a traditional fishing boat, a pontoon boat or more. Be sure to get a lake permit for the boat. There are two different public launch ramps, one on the east side of the lake and one on the west side. Hours of operation for the ramps is subject to change, so we recommend checking the site before you leave.

4. Make plans to experience the Big Bear Lake tournaments.

Big Bear Lake has some great fishing tournaments that bring anglers from all over the country! If you’ve ever dreamed of pulling out a prize-winning big fish, then there’s bound to be an event for you. During June, the Fishin’ for 50K Trout Derby takes place. There are 5 tagged fish in the water, each worth $10K! Also in June is the 15th annual Carp Round Up, which is always a big hit out here. During the month of October, the annual Big Bear Lake Trout fest takes place. It’s a great time to bring your family and friends and get the chance to win up to thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. Be sure to check out the calendar of events to stay up to date on the latest at our lake.

Your Next Great Catch is Waiting at Big Bear Lake

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