Read City Rules

WARNING : If you have more than 16 at any time during your stay, you can be fined $1,000.00 and you can be evicted by the city and county code officers.

Your cabin sleeps (X ) guests and allows no more than (X) cars

WARNING : If you have more than (x) cars at any time during your stay, you can be fined up to $500.00 per car for every car in violation exceeding the max cars, per city code.



Rules to Vacation by

  • Do not exceed the occupancy limitDo not exceed the stated occupancy at any time during your stay. The maximum number of adult occupants may be less than the total maximum occupancy. NO PARTIES ALLOWED.
  • No parking in street or yardParking is only permitted in the driveway, designated parking spaces, and garage. This includes trailers. The maximum number of vehicles permitted is on the exterior sign.
  • No amplified music 24/7Amplified music is not permitted to be heard beyond the property line 24/7. Close your windows to avoid music carrying beyond the property line.
  • Head inside at 10:00 p.m.Noisy outdoor activities and spa use are prohibited from 10:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.
  • Take your furry friend with youTake your dog with you so they do not disturb surrounding neighbors. You will find that Big Bear Lake is very dog-friendly!
  • Take trash to dumpster locationsTrash needs to be taken to a local dumpsite. Clean Bear locations:4190 Garstin Drive & 39690 Big Bear Blvd.

ConsequencesUnfortunately, a few of our guests refuse to extend common courtesy and neighborly behavior toward the guests and residents around them. For those guests who have come to party and disrupt the peace and tranquility of the neighborhoods, there are costly and severe consequences.


  • FinesThe minimum fine for violating the rules stated previously is $500 per violation. A second offense is $1000 per violation.
  • EvictionUnruly guests who blatantly disregard the rules and expectations will be evicted without a refund. In addition, costly citations may be issued to the undersigned.

Welcome to the City of Big Bear Lake!

  • Southern California’s Premier 4-Season Resort CommunityThank you for choosing to vacation in Big Bear Lake. We are pleased to welcome over 1.2 million visitors per year to our beautiful community. Whether you are here to enjoy the abundant natural features and amenities found in our surrounding forest or looking for some rest and relaxation in our quiet and tranquil residential neighborhoods, we trust your experience will be world-class.While enjoying your time in our mountain community, we’d like to remind you of some important community expectations for guests staying in our residential neighborhoods. We also want to provide some tips that will make your stay more enjoyable and help you vacation like a local. The last thing we want is for your visit to be interrupted by one of our Compliance Officers. We think you and your family & friends can have an amazing vacation while still being respectful and considerate to the neighbors around you.

Expectations for guest behaviorSound carries differently at higher elevations (thinner air) and in varying topography than it does on flat land at sea level. Sound in the mountains can carry for miles (listen for the coyotes at night). A normal private conversation between two people on a deck may be clearly heard from many houses away. Amplified music can be heard a mile or more away from the stereo speaker.

For these reasons, we have strict rules about amplified music and outdoor activities at night. Please help us maintain our quiet neighborhoods and enjoy the amazing stillness and tranquility that the forest provides.


  • Be a Good NeighborA big part of Big Bear Lake’s charm is the friendly and helpful residents. If you are fortunate enough to be staying at a home near a full-time resident and see them on their deck or in their yard, introduce yourself! Many of our residents enjoy meeting visitors and providing tips on activities and restaurants.
  • Visit Like a LocalIf you extend your visit beyond the weekend, you will see the large amounts of litter and trash left behind by the weekend visitors. Here are some tips to help you and your family preserve our natural playground for the next generation.1. Leave no trace. Simply put, whatever you take into the forest, bring back out including broken sleds.2. Don’t litter. There are dumpsters located at all trailheads and picnic areas. If a bin is full, find another. Animals will tear bags open and spread trash throughout the forest.3. Pick up after your pet. Please bag your pet’s waste AND TAKE IT TO A DUMPSTER. Leaving your pet’s waste in a bag on the side of a trail is littering.4. Keep the peace. If you are going to listen to music while hiking or enjoying the lake, use headphones instead of a Bluetooth speaker.

Visit and City of Big Bear Lake Good Neighbor Policy for more information.




You have agreed to followings:

I understand that I need to notify Big Bear Lakefront Cabins of any pre-existing damages within 1 hour of arrival or I may be charged for said damages. I understand that I should communicate any concerns immediately. I understand it is not acceptable to wait until the day of check out or after check out to communicate any issues you might have with the home.

I Agree


I understand that each property is permitted to accommodate a maximum number of people. I understand overcrowding is dangerous, disrespectful, illegal and may result in immediate eviction from the city with no refunds. I will not exceed the designated number of occupants. If I have more people, then what is stated on the contract I will be evicted and face $1000.00 fine.

I Agree


I understand I will receive a $1000 fine for disturbing the peace. No outdoors amplified music. If a neighbor can hear you, the city code officer will issue $1000 fine and evict you between the hours of 9:00PM and 8:00 AM. If Big Bear Lakefront Cabins has to visit the home to address these types of issues, a fee will be charged for our time in doing so and after hours fees are as high as $250 per visit. I understand that my credit card will be charged for any such occurrence(s).

I Agree


If the home I have rented has a spa, I understand I must keep the lid cover on while the spa is not in use. I understand all guests should shower before getting in the hot tub and one dirty person can contaminate the water for everyone. Showering before and after using the spa is recommended.

I Agree


I understand it is against the policy of Big Bear Lakefront Cabins to allow disposal of BBQ and fireplace ashes. If ashes are cold, I may place them in the small metal can provided. If I need disposal of hot ashes, I will contact Big Bear Lakefront Cabins at 909.547.6015 I understand any improper disposal of ashes will result in forfeiture of your security deposit.

I Agree


I understand Big Bear City Ordinance limits the number of cars that can park at each property. This number is displayed on a sign at each house. Parking more than the posted number of cars is considered a violation of ordinance and you will be fined $250.00 per car. Do not block streets or corners and keep all cars parked in the driveway. During snow conditions do not block snowplows or park on the street. Blocking the street during snow conditions can result in fines and towing.

I Agree


I understand that there is no smoking allowed in any rentals managed by Big Bear Lakefront Cabins.  Firewood is used for indoor fireplaces and wood stoves only and NOT for gas fireplaces or BBQs. Never leave a charcoal BBQ unattended. The Big Bear Community is experiencing drought conditions and is very concerned about fire safety. We appreciate your caution when using fire in our area.

I Agree


I understand I must take all trash to the “Clean Bear Trash Sites” which are available near all residential areas. I understand I must wash all dirty dishes. If the home is equipped with a dishwasher, I will be sure to start the washing cycle.

I Agree


I am aware that my stay at the Property involves risks that may result in serious bodily injury, sickness and/or death. Some of the risks include, but are not limited to, drowning, slips, trips, falls, cuts, adverse weather conditions, the acts or omissions of guests or visitors on the Property during my stay, and the condition of the Property. I understand that the description of the risks in this Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Assumption of Risk (the “Document”) is not complete and that other risks or events that are known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated may result in serious bodily injury and or/death. In consideration of being permitted to rent and stay at the Property, I agree on my own behalf and on behalf of my family and guests and on behalf of my children and all minors in my care, custody or control (hereafter also included in “I” or “my”) to assume full responsibility for the risks identified herein and those risks not specifically identified. I hereby release from liability and waive any and all claims that I have or may have in the future against Big Bear Lakefront Cabins,, LLC and its members, principals, agents, officers, employees, and representatives (collectively “Releasees”) as well as the landlord/owner of the Property. By signing this waiver, I assume all risk, and take full responsibility and waive any claims of personal injury including sickness related to Covid-19, death or damage to personal property associated with activities and events during or related to the stay in the subject property.

I Agree




ABSOLUTELY NO PARTIES! Please be mindful of our neighbors during your stay. Our property’s quiet hours are in place to ensure that everyone can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. We care a lot about maintaining good relationships with our community, so we appreciate you following our “house rules” during your stay. Disturbing the peace is a City Ordinance Violation. Please keep noises to a minimum between the evening hours of 10pm to 7am. Being on the deck using the BBQ after 9:00 PM can result in a fine. . Failure to comply with these rules may result in expulsion from the property by the City Code Officers with no refund and additional fines from the City of Big Bear if they receive a noise complaint. We are committed to Rent Responsibly standards. This means we follow best-in-class guidelines to ensure you have a peaceful, safe and memorable stay with us. We use smart home technology to improve your experience and the property does have outdoor security cameras. NoiseAware is a smart home device that measures volume levels throughout the property and allows us to respond to noise nuisances without disrupting your stay. NoiseAware is 100% privacy compliant and is required on this property. If you have any questions, please ask. We are committed to your comfort so please let us know if we can do anything during your stay to make it more enjoyable.

By booking with Big Bear Lakefront Cabins I AGREE to all terms.