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Big Bear Lakefront Cabins is a leading vacation rental management company in Big Bear Lake, with 5 star ratings on Yelp and Google yielding our homeowners some of the best rental income on the mountain.  Check us out on Yelp, Google, Vrbo,  Airbnb, Facebook,  Instagram, Youtube, TripAdvisor, Flipkey, and so many more.  People LOVE us! 


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    Every Stay, Every Time

    We believe that you can share the value, freedom, and pride of your vacation rental home with others, in the most responsible way, with the best interests of owners, guests and neighbors in mind. To do this, our Big Bear team works in harmony to drive more revenue for you, and deliver the highest-standards of service for every vacation  rental home, every stay, every time, while respecting the quiet relaxation and integrity of our Big Bear residential neighborhoods.  With top-notch service and resources to manage your property and a team devoted to excellence, we can help you get the most of your vacation rental home when you aren’t using it.

    EARN more revenue

    You want to be sure you’re making the smartest decision for you, your family and your vacation rental home. Big Bear Lakefront Cabins makes that decision simple by keeping costs low, no hidden fees, so you earn more from each booking. We work hard to maximize your profit because we know that together, we succeed.

    Professional Cleaning

    Every Big Bear vacation home has a dedicated team focused on the success and care of their vacation home. We maintain Big Bear’s best Professional Cleaning crews and standards, so that your vacation rental home will be well cared for with our highest standards in mind and always be 100% guest ready and quality inspected prior to each guest arrival to ensure our greatest measure of quality care. Our professional cleaning services are staying on top of CDC guidelines to ensure that our cleaning is maintaining the highest level of cleanliness to give our team, our cleaning crews and our guests a peace of mind.

    We are proud of our 4 Tier Cleaning Process
    1. Our in house laundry team (not laundered in your home) washes and dries on high temperatures using high quality bleach and detergent for the best sanitation.
    2. Big Bear’s best professional housekeeping crews clean your home thoroughly according to CDC guidelines.
    3. Our Certified Spa Technician balances hot tub water with proper chemicals and testing to ensure the highest wate quality after every guest stay!
    4. WE DON’T RUSH our Quality Inspections, every time!  Each vacation home is then inspected by a quality inspector to ensure our desired level of cleanliness and readiness for each guest and to inspect for any possible damage to your  home. Our inspectors spend on average 30 to 45 minutes carefully walking through your home to ensure that our team         has delivered the best service and care possible. With an unbeatable ratio of 1 Quality Inspector for 20 homes per week, we do it right and it shows.


    Premier Guest Experience

    We know that your vacation rental home is a big investment. At Big Bear Lakefront Cabins, our goal is for your guests to experience the warmth of your vacation rental home, while our team provides a seamless experience from booking to departure. Exceptional customer care leads to repeat bookings, great memories, positive reviews and more revenue for our owners. Everyone benefits.

    Why Should I Partner with Big Bear Lakefront Cabins & Best Mountain Vacation Rental?

    Big Bear Lakefront Cabins & Best Mountain Vacation Rental, established in 2000, is a mid sized vacation rental company, committed to hard work, integrity and innovation, offering personalized service for guests and homeowners alike. We maintain one of the highest employee-to-property ratios in Big Bear, with a 1 Quality Care Inspector per 25 vacation rental homes which means that we dedicate the time to inspect each and every vacation rental home in between guest visits and after each cleaning. This allows us to provide dedicated, hands-on, boutique-level service for every homeowner, guest, and property. Quality is what we do best because we take the time to do it right.

    • We offer the most comprehensive services at low commission rate. Period.
    • Dedicated, full-time local team on the ground, eager to serve and easily accessible.
    • No restrictions on owner stays.
    • Simple owner portal access.
    • No hidden fees.
    • Our structure is designed to profit with our owners, not from them.
    • Dedicated property managers and maintenance technicians for your vacation home.
    • No annual contracts or required maintenance programs.
    • A service tailored to your goals in owning a vacation rental.
    • Detailed Quality Care Inspections after each cleaning and after each reservation.
    • Full Service – Professionally staffed teams – Maintenance, Housekeeping, In House Laundry, Reservations, Sales, Quality Care Inspection Team and more.

    Providing Excellent Big Bear Property Management Services

    Big Bear Lakefront Cabins is proud to provide property management services to Big Bear Lake home and cabin owners. With top-notch service and the resources to manage your property, we can help you get the most of your home when you aren’t using it.

    Thank you, Big Bear Lakefront Cabins for excellent management of our vacation property. We look forward to our checks each month and we appreciate that you don’t nickel and dime us like our previous experience. Thank you for doing what you do best because it is a partnership that works!”

    – The McBrides August 2019  

    Would you like…

    Would you like your cabin to be well Cared for and quality inspected after each guest visit?
    Would you like LOW MANAGEMENT FEES?
    Would you like to come up and enjoy your cabin and relax, stress-free?
    Would you like to receive a good income and the best tax deduction there is?
    Would like to have your cabin appreciate and stay well maintained with very little effort on your part?
    Would like to have all this at the very minimal expense?
    Are you tired of other companies that take a lot and do very little?
    If you answered yes to all these, then please give us a call.
    We guarantee your SATISFACTION!

    20 plus years of professional experience

    serving Big Bear with professional vacation rental management experience

    Professional Management Services include

    1. Implementing Industry Technology to stay above the rest and provide excellent results
    2. High Ranking on search engines for good exposure to renters and frequent bookings
    3. Online web calendar and owner portal log in to book your own reservations or block out dates.
    4. Licensed VRM that maintains city code enforcement, ordinance & inspections
    5. 24-hour Emergency response to handle any emergencies or immediate action.
    6. Personal attention and direct relationship with owners that will always stay top priority.
    7. High-quality maid service to make sure your property stays clean
    8. Frequent inspections to ensure quality is top notch.
    9. 10 years of rental experience for confidence in our methods
    10. Full Linen services from which we provide sheets, towels, soaps and paper products.
    11. On staff maintenance crew to keep your property in tip-top shape at a low price.
    12. Many different advertising programs to keep your property well rented.
    13. Rental Insurance for each stays so that our owners are protected from damage & theft without using your homeowners’ insurance deductible.
    14. Home improvement program for those that want to add value & rentals with no out of pocket expense.
    15. A full listing of your property with professional pictures and description.
    16. Hot tub maintenance, service, and purchase programs and much more

    We are dedicated to providing exceptional service because we know what you want as a Big Bear vacation home owner and we guarantee that you will be pleased.



    GOALS – What type of investment goals do you have? Will you be investing for financial goals, family goals or both? Will you be purchasing a vacation rental to maximize your rental revenue or will you be using this home for your family and offest costs by renting your vacation home when you are not enjoying it. Both of these options can be great and invaluable investment opportunities for you and your family.

    Size – 3 to 5 bedroom, 2 plus bathroom homes will yield the best revenue, yet we know that your budget may only allow for a 2 bedroom home. Guests prefer a minimum of 2 bathrooms, if possible.

    LOCATION – When selecting your vacation home from an investment perspective, the location is imperative. The most lucrative Big Bear rental locations are Lakefront, Lakeview, Walk to Lake,  Moonridge, Walk to or Ski In / Out Snow Summit and Bear Mountain, walk to Village, Fox Farm, Castle Glen, and Boulder Bay neighborhoods.  Fawnskin is becoming a more popular area as well, when marketed properly. These locations can produce great rental income in the Summer months as well as the Winter months, keeping in mind the Lake areas produce the best rentals for Summer and Winter months. Staying as close to the lake, Village and slopes will produce the best rental income. For non lakefront homes, 60 % to 70% of your rental income will be generated from November through March, with an exception for Lakefront rental homes.

    QUESTION to HELP YOU SELECT the BEST VACATION HOME – When selecting a vacation rental, look around the neighboorhood and see if this would be a place that you would love to visit on vacation. What is your first impression when driving into the driveway, when stepping in the home (views, smells, feeling, memories) what is the neighborhood experience, how are the neighboring homes, what are the views, what is the backyard experience, what is the hot tub experience, the views from the deck and the general feeling evoked.  All of these questions will help you create the best guest experience and the best rental income for you.

    To preserve the quiet integrity of our residential neighborhoods…

    Vacation Rental Ordinance are in effect

    It’s important to understand the rental rules in Big Bear when considering your vacation home. The City of Big Bear Lake (92315 zip code) and The County of San Bernardino (92314 zip code and others) each have different ordinances that must be followed. Our management services uphold all of the ordinances to ensure that the vacation rental industry is preserved and for to uphold the quiet integrity for our residential neighbors and neighborhoods. Both Big Bear Lake and the County of San Bernardino strictly enforce their oridinance codes by posing fines and even evictioning guests that are not adhering to a quiet relaxing vacation in the mountains,

    BIG BEAR LAKE MAXIMUM RENTAL OCCUPANCY – Big Bear Lake Code Enforcement allows one guest per 200 sq/ft in a vacation home, rounding up to the nearest 100 sq. ft.,  with a maximum occupancy of 16 guests in any home.

    Given these guidelines, a

    1,000 sq. ft. rental home maximum rental occupancy  will sleep 5 guests   in Big Bear Lake

    1,200 sq. ft. sleeps 6 guests  in Big Bear Lake

    1,400 sq. ft. sleeps 7 guests  in Big Bear Lake

    1,600 sq. ft. sleeps 8 guests  in Big Bear Lake

    2,000 sq. ft. sleeps 10 guests in Big Bear Lake

    2,400 sq. ft. sleeps 12 guests in Big Bear Lake

    3,200 sq. ft. sleeps 16 guests in Big Bear Lake

    4,000 sq. ft. sleeps 16 guests in Big Bear Lake

    The City of Big Bear Lake performs annual inspections and rental permits are required (currently $235 annual permit application fee). These rental occupancy rules apply to homes in the 92315 zip code.

    SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY (Big Bear City)  MAXIMUM RENTAL OCCUPANCY – The County of San Bernardino inspects every 2 years and calculates occupany differently, based on an interior inspection calculating the sq ft of  bedrooms or sleeping areas, look at your parking spaces, and consider your parcel/lot size.  Big Bear City, Fawnskin, Sugarloaf, Baldwin Lake, Erwin Lake, are all included in the County of SB ordnance.The Couty of San Bernardino performs bi annual inspections and rental per mits are required every 2 years (currently $599 every 2 year permit application fee). These rental occupancy rules apply to homes in the 92314, 92333, 92386 zip codes and more


    IN SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY –Big Bear City, Sugarloaf, Fawnskin and more maximum occupancy is calculated as follows

    1 person per 70 square feet in a room plus 50 additional square feet for every additional person in a room.

    Per legal sleeping room or legla sleeping area including pull out sofas in living rooms, lofts, etc. 

    800 sq. ft. or less max rental occupancy is 6 guests

    1,200 sq. ft. or less max rental occupancy is 8 guests

    70 sq. ft.= 1 guests

    120 sq. ft.= 2 guests

    170 sq. ft.= 3 guests

    220 sq. ft.= 4 guests



    1 car = 4 guests

    2 cars = 8 guests

    3 cars = 12 guests



    1/4 acre parcel or less  – 10 guests max occupancy

    1/2 acre parcel or less  – 12 guests max occupancy

    1/2 acre parcel to 1 acre parcels –  15 guests max occupancy

    1 acre parcel and greater –  20 guests max occupancy

    INQUIRE for REVENUE RENTAL COMPARISONS for recent years.  Don’t be mislead…

    Projecting your rental revenue is an important task. We can make promises and project rental incomes, but we realize that this is your rental investment and you will most likely prefer the most accurate numbers regarding rental income.  While projecting your income will be based on several variables, we will be happy to offer you real numbers from past rentals to offer comparisons that you can count on. We yield some of the highest rental incomes possible on the mountain!  We look forward to hearing from you.